Survey Information

We have also developed a new FAQ page to address other questions and concerns. This can be found at

  • Regardless of how we start the school year, we will take precautions to reduce the spread of all viruses, including Covid-19. An abundance of caution will be placed on the safety and security of all students, faculty, and staff to start the 2020-2021 school year.  

  • To provide options for each family based on their specific circumstances, ALL students in grades K-12 will have the option to choose online instruction and work from home regardless of our color designation. This option will look very similar to how we ended the school year in the spring.  We will be posting a link on our system page for parents to sign up very soon.  As parents sign up for the distance learning options, school officials from the student’s assigned school will be contacting parents to further discuss the option and make the necessary arrangements. *PreK students fall under different funding and state guidelines and the instructional model may vary from K-12.

  • The presented chart designates the categories and guidance the Georgia Department of Education has handed down to school systems in our state for starting the 2020-2021 school year. Here is also a link to the GaDOE web page.

  • There are three designations that can be applied to a school system: Green, Yellow, and Red. Green allows school systems to resume face-to-face instruction (Traditional School). Red requires everyone to stay at home with distance learning as the only instructional option. Yellow allows some flexibility, but requires more measures for face-to-face (traditional) to be allowed.

  • Tift County Schools will be working with local health officials to define a metric that will determine our designation at any given time.  Please understand that this will continue to be a fluid evaluation.  We will be assessing the data weekly to determine our designation.    

  • IF we are designated Green, the Tift County School System plans to start the year in a traditional manner using an abundance of caution to address the safety and security of our students, faculty, and staff. Please remember that parents will be given the opportunity to choose online learning for their children if they do not feel safe returning to school.

  • For our system, we are very clear on how we will handle a Green and Red designation. IF we are designated Green, we will have a traditional school setting with students coming to school Monday-Friday.  IF we have a Red designation, all students, faculty, and staff will be working from home and we will use our online platform to provide instruction similar to how we ended the school year in the spring. 

  • We constructed the survey for feedback from our parents on the Yellow designation. Think of Yellow as the “in between” of a Green designation and a Red designation.  In Yellow, we are not in as good of standing as Green, but not as severe as RED.

  • There is not a clear-cut plan handed down by the state for addressing a Yellow designation.  That was by design. Each school system has different obstacles and issues that a blanket plan would not address.  It does allow for some flexibility, with an understanding of taking more precautions and increasing social distancing by decreasing the number of students in a building at any given time. The options listed on the survey are concepts that we have discussed internally as well as with other educators around the state that will address those concerns.

  • Please understand, regardless of a Green, Yellow, or Red designation, all students will be receiving instruction and will be expected to produce work every day on the school calendar.  It simply may look different based on the delivery model.    

  • Furthermore, we are working from the current guidance that we are receiving from the Georgia Department of Education and our Governor. Guidance and requirements could change during this process that would require us to alter our discussions and plans.

In closing, please know we are doing our best to provide the highest quality education based on circumstances that are continually changing. It will take everyone in our community working together to overcome the hurdles that we continue to face. We know everyone wants definitive answers, but please remember this situation is continually changing.  We want to thank all of you for your feedback in the process and ask everyone to continue to give us grace and patience as we work through this unprecedented situation.