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Len Lastinger School does provide a school clinic for our students. Ms. Tangee Coney is our school nurse. Each parent will be requested to complete a personal data sheet for their child that will be placed on file. Please indicate if your child has a specific medical concern that we need to be aware of even if your child does not take medicine at school for this condition. All prescription and non-prescription drugs must be properly labeled with instructions for use and must be in the original container. No medication will be given to students without prior parental consent. All medication should be turned into the clinic upon arrival to school. No medication will be dispensed in the classroom. Please note that Len Lastinger will no longer provide Tylenol or other types of medication. Parents must provide the necessary medication for their child. Also note that Ms. Coney is required to follow the directions listed on the medicine container.

Please make sure to provide Ms. Coney with an inhaler if your child has been diagnosed with asthma and provided one by your family doctor. We strongly recommend that we have an available inhaler even if your child has not had an attack in some time. We CANNOT allow your child to use another person’s inhaler even in the case of an emergency. PLEASE make sure we have one in our nurse’s office