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Parent Involvement Coordinator


Parent Involvement Coordinator- Kelly Pearson


The Parent Involvement Coordinator’s primary focus is to advocate for the parents of Len Lastinger by offering a variety of informative workshops, link parents to resources in the community, and assist parents with navigating the school system so their children can obtain the resources required to help them achieve their maximum academic potential.  Teamwork is key to the success of each child at Len Lastinger.  Parents, teachers, and students are members of this team.  The Parent Involvement Coordinator helps foster teamwork with all stakeholders.  
The members of the team must be engaged and committed to support this endeavor to guarantee success for the student.


Len Lastinger has a resource room that has a wide variety of educational materials that parents can use to assist in their child’s learning at home.  There are books available on each child’s reading level.  The resource room is open each Tuesday and Thursday, 8:00-2:00.  You may contact Kelly Pearson at 229-387-2420 or kpearson@tiftschools.com